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Digital Citizenship

I realise not many parents and teachers are equipped with the skills, or possess the knowledge to handle different situations that arise as students explore new technological tools.   It is important that digital literacy and citizenship be explicitly taught in the classroom just like any rules or guidelines that students follow in school and in the community.  I decided to teach them because I am passionate in using technology to capture students’ interest, motivate. I also feel that in order to allow students more freedom to explore technology, they must be educated to be responsible users as they navigate the fast-changing technology landscape.  

As part of our I.T. curriculum, I used Common Sense Media materials to teach digital literacy and citizenship to Grade 3 and 4 students.

Some of the topics that are covered with my classes this year include:
  • Personal VS private information (click here to view)
  • Email etiquette
  • Respecting others online
  • Cyber bullying
Below are some resources that I created.  Use the keyboard arrow to navigate.  

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Here is a 2-week unit on cyberbullying summed up in a 2 minute video.

YouTube Video