Speaking Engagements

Workshop for Parents- How to be digitally organized, April 2017

How to stay digitally organized- PHOTOS

Engaging Students in Writing Using iMovie, November 2016
EduTECH Asia, Suntec City  

iMovie Split Screen Video

Workshop for Parents:  How to support student learning using technology, 2014

Digital Citizenship Workshop

How to use technology to support literacy skills, October 2014
National Gaoxiong Normal University 國立高雄師範大學
Workshop website:

Using technology to teach Chinese to ethnic minority students in Hong Kong (Cantonese), May 2014
University of Hong Kong
Workshop website:


YouTube Video


Social Media For All, April 2014 (English)
Co-presented with Amy Koo
Topic:  Learning through story in a social media world 

In-House Workshop at ISF Academy, March 2014 (Chinese)
Topic:  How to promote student learning using Quizlet and QR Codes
Introduction Video:

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 YouTube Tutorials:


Workshop at Lutheran Academy, February 2014 (English)
Topic:  Technology for Content Area Teaching- Tools that Cater to Visual Learners


Workshop at 21st Century Learning Conference, December 2014 (English)
Presented with Constance Leung 
Topic:  Technology for Content Area Teaching- Tools that Cater to Visual Learners 

Google Apps Training at ISF Academy (Chinese), October 2013