Claudia Lee Kimura

If you step inside my classroom, you will see a unique space that reflects my cultural background, experience working with children, as well as my philosophy as a teacher.  As you enter through the doorway, you will notice a collage of photos posted for students to see.  Artistically arranged on the collage are pictures that I had taken during my years of studying, working and traveling around the world. These include studying in Japan, coaching badminton at my high school in Vancouver, and visiting my educational assistant in New Delhi.  Traveling is ahuge part of my life.  It broadens my perspectives and allows me to be open-minded and culturally sensitive.  Speaking fluent Cantonese, Putonghua, Japanese and English also allows me to recognise differences between my students, understand the challenges they may encounter when they settle in a new school, make new friends or learn a new language. 

The creative side of me doesn’t only come through in my photo collage, but in my lessons as well.  I see myself as a facilitator who provides students a set of tools and skills to use as they explore a topic on their own.  Technology is one of the tools that I believe will motivate students to learn independently as well as collaboratively.  Previously as a homeroom teacher, I took risks in utilising technology in lessons.   Many years ago, I was the first teacher to launch a classroom wiki page in  class, which eventually became a school wide initiative.  More recently, I became the Head of IT at my current school where I hosted Google training to both Chinese and English staff members.  As I continue to learn about new uses of technology, teachers will hopefully be inspired to infuse technology into their lessons.  

I love my job and wish to seek further opportunities to grow professionally.  I think working in a different environment will allow me to meet other dedicated teachers with innovative strategies and ideas.

Please click onto the YouTube link to watch one school year's Justin Bieber inspired Christmas song that I created for my homeroom class:

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當你走進我的課室,首先映入你眼簾的是⼀幅充分反映我個人性格,經瀝,以及教學方法的 拼貼畫。這幅我自己設計的拼貼畫,記錄和展示了我在不同國家拍下的照片。有些照片是在 日本留學時拍的,也有一些是在加拿大當羽毛球教練時拍的,另外⼀些是在印度拜訪朋友時 拍的。 

我熱愛旅行,因為旅游可以開闊視野,加深對各地文化的了解,使之更加兼容並蓄。我能說 流利地廣東話,普通話,日語及英語,這也讓我更加明白孩子們在學習語言時遇到的困難和 如何克服困難。 
我喜歡利用科技讓課堂變得有趣和有意思。我認為科技可以鼓勵學生的獨立性及合作性。做 班主任的時候,我經常融合科技在課堂教學。我是⼀位曾經首先使用wiki做班級網頁的老 師,後來學校亦採用了wiki做為老師的個人平台 。當了資訊科技科組後亦多次在工作坊裏介 紹及訓練老師使用Google Apps。我希望可以憑自己的經驗啓發其他老師多使用科技教學