Project Day at ISF, 2013

Students completed a group project on four biomes in the world as part of their Project Day presentation.  They had to use a combination of printed and online resources to research on the different aspects of their biome.   

Here is an overview of the research project:

In English, students learned to "zoom in" on small moments, and focusing on rich details about those moments when writing.  They incorporated onomatopoeia, sensory details and other literacy devices.  To help students with writing an introductory and closing paragraph, my team came up with a scaffolding activity (see Google doc)  Finally, they wrote a "zoom-in" paragraph on their biome that was made into a greenscreen video (see below) 

Here are the students' posters:


On the day of the presentation, parents are are invited to come into our classroom and learn about the biomes.  

They encouraged to download the students' green-screen videos using QR Code:
 Here is one group's video on Tundra:

As an extension activity, students are also asked to pick one animal they are interested in and do a more thorough research on it. They presented the information in manila folders.  

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