Literacy Centers

I implement literacy centers in my English program because they provide students with opportunities to work and learn independently while allowing small group instructions.  

Our class has Literacy Centers on Thursday and Friday.  Students rotate through the centers to reinforce concepts and skills they are taught that week. 

Here is an example of one Literacy Center period.

Word Book/ Reading

Writer's workshop 

Students are creating their own Word Book (that includes sight words from letters a-z).  When they are finished, they may pick a book from the classroom library.


 This is a system I created for students to go through during Writer's Workshop.  They must go through the steps in order, and use a sticky note to indicate their progress.




Students are cutting and sorting their past tense and present tense verbs based on a lesson we learned earlier in the week.

Students are reading and answering comprehension questions at their own reading level on

Below are some of the topics the students select for Writer's Workshop:

Students file their work in their Writing Portfolio and wait for them to be reviewed together with me.